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What our customers say ... "When you aggregate our spend with that of other members, it leverages us to a better buying position. We saved over six figures on one initiative alone ... and over seven figures in one year working with Topco's Indirect Spend Program. Being able to save that kind of money that goes straight to the bottom line is very rewarding.”
- Drew Hembree, NFR    Coordinator,Food City

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Control costs on anything you need to run your business.

Learn about innovative and sustainable solutions too!

From tires to health care to stretchwrap to waste management ... thousands of products and services ... you'll pay less when you work with Topco.

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Tap into our huge leverage in the marketplace ... over $150 billion in spend.

Want to leverage your company to a better buying position?

If you want to go to the marketplace ... big or small ...you can do this with Topco.

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Do you know what you spend on indirect products and services? Most business executives don't. Learn how!

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Our customers partner with us to cut costs and find efficient new ways to run their business.

Whether you're a retailer, grocery chain, restaurant, c-store, wholesaler or distributor, you will save on the products and services you need when you work with us.

Our efficient sourcing and reporting tools save time and cut costs for businesses.

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