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Energy market sparks savings

Posted by Mon, Apr, 26, 2010 @ 10:04 AM

Energy market conditions now may mean savings on electricity purchases. TopSource recently conducted separate competitive sourcing events for two customers with several prequalified suppliers in their local electricity markets. The TopSource Utilities team took full advantage of market conditions to save the two customers a total of $8.5 Million. One, who will save 32.1 percent on their spend in 24 stores, established fixed commodity pricing for 20 of those stores for 2 years. The other's savings represent 25.6 percent of their spend over 106 stores. They've fixed the price of ancillary charges, allowing the commodity cost to float at market rates. To mitigate market risk, both members purchased blocks of capacity. TopSource suggests that, based on their success in negotiating great local rates, that current electric market conditions offer good savings for retailers. The Director or Utilities is available to speak with interested parties about the savings he and his team were able to procure. Contact John Latham (Director of Utilities, TopSource) at 410-480-7095 or

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